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Membership in The National Hispanic Business Group is open to Hispanic entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals at the level of vice-president and above. The NHBG takes pride in remaining on the cutting edge of multitude of complex issues facing both business and community alike, by encouraging membership from a great many diverse individuals and industries.

To successfully establish and maintain a business, Hispanic entrepreneurs must begin with a high quality product or service. But in the end, a solid consumer base, a cooperative local government and a strong network of business owners may determine success or failure. The NHBG works on multiple fronts to ensure the success of its members.

The National Hispanic Business Group reflects the economic integration of Hispanics in the United States, a process that relies heavily on mutual support, cooperation and common goals. At the NHBG, the atmosphere is open and supportive. Members meet regularly to exchange current information on emerging trends, new business projects, small business incentive programs and minority procurement. Informal luncheons and receptions bring members together with officials from major corporations and municipal and state governments. Discussion topics span a broad scope of business and social interests.

For Hispanic entrepreneurs community pride and a strong spirit of citizenship are as important as profits and business growth. As an organization, The National Hispanic Business Group reaches out to multifaceted and expanding Hispanic community in an effort to affect positive change locally and nationally.

The NHBG schedules regular meetings with corporate executives from a cross-section of industries looking to include diversity in their business plans and enhance their minority vendor programs. Though small companies and corporations have different needs, these gatherings build lasting relationships on the basis of common interests, joint opportunities and mutual understanding. For more information regarding NHBG membership.

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